Whipped Bag


Whipping bag or cream bag, usually in different decorative shapes by passing different apparatus to the thin end of the funnel-shaped pipe; It is a triangular shaped bag used to decorate foods such as cake and pupcake.



It is very easy and practical to use, cream or whipped cream is filled from the wide surface of the funnel-shaped bag, the large surface on which the cream is filled is folded or rolled into a roll.

Thanks to the pre-selected nozzle, it is applied by squeezing the cream from the wide end downwards by hand, and spreading the cream on the product such as cake or papcake as desired from the narrow end.

The whipped bag has many decorative spouts, these add a visual appeal to the food product with different motifs such as stars, leaves, flowers, and round, square, rectangular shapes.

Whipped cream bags are also used to fill the dough by injecting cream into products such as profiteroles, into which cream and aroma filling are desired.

In addition, they are used extensively to shape whipped creams and to fill scones with preferred flavors such as jam, jelly and pudding.

Lady (Sponge) is preferred for sweet foods such as fingers, eclairs, ring dessert, puffs, as well as many delicious foods such as deviled eggs, whipped butter, mashed potatoes.

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Disposable whipped bag

Textra-use whipped bags do not require washing, as the name suggests, they are manufactured to be used when production is needed more or rarely. They are generally made of inexpensive plastic that is not harmful to health. In some cases, refrigerator storage bags and cooking parchments are tried to be used instead of disposable whipping bags, but the desired visuality cannot go beyond being a bit like the one imagined. However, it is quite good in situations such as creating visuals by melting and sprinkling small chocolate.


Reusable whipped bag

Reusable bags are usually made from tightly woven nylon, polyester, rubber, or waterproof (plastic-coated) cotton. After use, it is washed and hung to dry. A quality bag can last for many years.


Replaceable tips are usually sold in sets. Certain tips can often be purchased individually. They can be chrome plated or stainless steel or plastic. Each end is cone-shaped, with a base too large to pass through the small opening in the bag; in some cases, they are inserted through the larger hole before the food is spooned in. If the tips need to be changed without emptying the bag, they can be used with a pair of adapter rings: an inner ring is dropped into the bag and partially pushed out. hole, a bit is slipped over the ring, then an outer ring is slipped over the bit and screwed into the inner ring. Some inexpensive kits consist of disposable plastic film with snap rings and screw-on plastic ends.

Many foods (including ice cream and pressurized “spray can” whipped cream) can be purchased in disposable packaging designed to function as a pastry bag.


Decorating with cream

This technique shows you how to decorate cakes and other decorations with whipped cream in just 7 simple steps.

  • Necessary equipment;
  • Whipped Cream Bag
  • Whipped Cream Bag Tip
  • Spatula


  1. Choose the correct nozzle(tip) for the application and insert it into the piping bag
  2. Put the whipped cream in the piping bag
  3. Squeeze the bag halfway into the piping bag with one hand
  4. You are ready, start applying the cream on the desired surface
  5. Turn slowly keeping the same height to create a vortex
  6. Drive the nozzle away and create a smooth top


What should you use if you don’t have a Whipped Bag?

Plastic sandwich bags are a popular alternative to pastry bags. They’re useful because they’re available, most homes have them, and they’re easy to use. You can use zippered bags, sliding-end bags, or simple fold-over sandwich bags. only creamPut the yeast in the bag and push it to a corner.

Pastry bags, sometimes called icing bags, can be used to fill pastries or decorate cakes or pies. They are conical and have a small opening at one end and a large opening at the other. Pastry bags are usually made of canvas or plasticized fabric. If you’re working on a recipe that requires a bag and a pipe, you can make it yourself at home with some ingredients from your kitchen


Plastic Sandwich Bag

Plastic sandwich bags are a popular alternative to pastry bags. They’re useful because they’re available, most homes have them, and they’re easy to use. You can use zippered bags, sliding-end bags, or simple fold-over sandwich bags. Just put the cream in the bag and push it into a corner. Twist the top of the bag and put one hand behind the frosting. Cut off the end of the corner with a pair of scissors and start piping. Start with a small cut and gradually adjust if you want your pipes to be larger. You can also cut the corner before putting the cream and put a metal cake straw in the bag so you can make designs. You can use parchment, greaseproof paper or waxed paper to make Paper Pastry bags. Simply cut the paper into squares. Then fold it into a triangle, bringing one corner to the opposite corner. Shape the triangle into a cone so the point will be where the icing comes out. Tape the cone together. Add a metal piping tool followed by frosting. Fold the top of the bag down and start piping.


Paper is a popular alternative to pastry bags because most kitchens have a variety of glossy paper.

Kitchen towel

If you don’t have a pastry bag, plastic bag, or greaseproof paper, you can create a makeshift pastry bag with a kitchen towel covered in plastic wrap. Lay the towel on the counter and cover it with plastic wrap. Roll the towel into a cone shape and secure or tape it together. Put the frosting or filling into the cone and cover. You should only use this method for filling pastries, not for delicate decorations on pies or cakes.


How to Use a Nozzleless Whipped Cream Bag

No matter how delicious your cake is, it will not attract attention unless it is carefully decorated. When your cake is finished, you should take your piping bag and start decorating. Whether you are making cakes, cupcakes, muffins or biscuits, you can decorate them with the perfect icing with the help of a spout. The nozzles are available in different shapes that can effectively shape the icing you want to impart to your cake. Due to their size and sometimes the chaotic nature of cooking, these nozzles can go through the cracks leaving you just a piping bag.


Why do you need a whipped bag spout?

Pleat spouts come in different sizes and shapes, and there are an almost endless variety of piping bags to choose from. Whether you want to write a name, a message on your cake, or icing on your cupcakes, you can do all this and much more with the squeezing bag spouts. Small nozzles are used to add detail to cakes, desserts and cookies. The most common designs are stars, leaves, leaves and shells. You can use these nozzles to add lines, dots, stars, frills and messages on your cakes.


Smaller nozzles can also be used for more intricate details or filling small cakes. Large nozzles are more useful for filling pastries (such as eclairs), folding cakes and tart crusts. Round and star shaped nozzles are highly effective at getting most icing jobs. Instead of filling up too many piping bags for creams of different shapes, you can simply change the cap and hit the road. What if you don’t have a cap to secure it with your piping bag?


Design your cake without a nozzle

While nozzles work wonders for adding intricate designs to your cake, using a stand-alone icing bag without a nozzle can also give your cake attractive designs. You can cut the ends of your baby bottles to be round. You can then use this to make your designs using only this single shape. The cut you will make on your baby bottle bag should be wide or narrow enough to make the design you prefer.


There are many attractive designs you can make with a round end piping bag. If you don’t have nozzles, you may need to fill 2-3 piping bags with frosting and give the tip of each bag a different shape. You can cut the tip in different shapes such as round, star and triangle.


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