Candy Paper

Sugar Paper, as the name suggests, briefly means moisture, [sugar paper] odor, It is a packaging material that protects it from conditions such as temperature and preserves it and ensures that the food wrapped in sugar paper can be consumed in a healthy way without spoiling.

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However, in addition to having many different variations, there are also sugar papers that allow it to be consumed as a main product and protected by extra packaging. .

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Candy Paper Types

Edible Candy Papers: This product, whose main consumer is mostly children, also attracts adults. At noon, they are sometimes crispy and sometimes exploding, with colorful strawberry, orange, mint, wild

Candy Paper

Sugar Paper

many flavors such as blueberry, strawberry, tutt-frutti they have. Since it is a food item, it also needs protection, that is, a second packaging. This product, which is enlivened by design with both itself and colored paint, is completely harmless to health and suitable for food consumption.


Baggy Candy Papers: This product is in the form of a pouch bag, this product that stands on its own is a product generally preferred by confectionery shops and sometimes dried nut shops, and its brown color is generally cost-effective. It is preferred to keep it low. However, many confectionery shops also use this product to advertise that there are colorful candies in it, both to advertise it and to make it more memorable by emphasizing its brand.

Non-Stick Candy Papers: Sometimes transparent, used to store and transport bakery products that have a sticky texture, such as caramelized foodstuffs, jelly, jams, and resins, or contain any of these. It is a type of product that can be.


Glassine Papers / Glasses: This high quality product is generally used for pupcakes and chocolate presentation, and they also add visuality to the product (especially chocolates).


Kraft Papers / Bags: They are used for the preservation of products such as cookies (dry pastry), sugar, and sometimes they are an indispensable part of artistic craftsmanship.


Aluminum Papers / Bags: You can sell your products made of high quality aluminum raw material (Aluminum foil-corrugated Aluminum Foil) that gives a feeling of belonging to another planet and adds extra value to your product. It is ready to be used as the most ideal candy paper or chocolate packaging to always highlight.


Paper/Cardboard Packaging Bag: They are specially manufactured for products such as popcorn, party candy, cookies. Small candy bags are made of high quality paper material that does not disperse easily



Packaging or Sugar Paper is used as a by-product that protects the main product from external and environmental factors, in the form of wrapping or packaging of the product, preventing the product in it from deteriorating and helping the product to be presented to the consumer and sold.

Double Twist Candy Paper

Double Twist Candy Paper


Double Twist Candy Packaging

Special packaging alternatives for Double Twist Candy packages. Double Twisted Candy Packaging is in compliance with the standards in which the contact with food is tested, and there is no harm in using it in food packaging. For metallized versions of Double Twist Candy Packages, underpress primer lacquer is used.For others, it is more preferable to make a single layer of flat printing without the need for a primer and to use a top lacquer. Thanks to its excellent bending and folding feature, it wraps the candy very well.


  • It can be produced in size and design specific to your company.
  • It is a product that provides high machine performance.
  • Matt and glossy production features are available.
  • Excellent folding and bending.
  • Printed, metallized printed or lacquered options are available.
  • Partial lamination is possible.

Packaging products, which we also describe as Candy Paper, should be chosen according to the characteristics of the main food product to be protected, it is very important that the main purpose is to preserve the product in the best way according to its qualities. The fact that it will be used for a food product means that it must be produced hygienically (healthy).


Candy Paper & Advertisement          

The products that are produced with great care, being beyond perfection in every aspect, also make a huge contribution to the manufacturer or the brand owner company in terms of advertising and brand awareness, such as the sign, logo, symbol on the packaging. In short, it fulfills the task of advertising and undertakes a second duty besides the protection of the product.


Candy paper as the first image is formed in the mind, while a stronger wrapping paper is chosen for the protection of the granulated sugar, a lower quality paper type is preferred for the cube sugar protection.

The main point to remember is that besides the fact that the product goes out of its packaging and gets dirty, it should also be resistant and really protective against all other factors such as the penetration of any substance from the outside into the package, its contamination, taste and odor.


Candy Paper Maker

Vitray Packaging adds value to quality products by producing the highest quality sugar paper varieties, as you and your loved ones deserve the best quality products, primarily health. We are increasing our quality and product range day by day on this road that leads to the better with our products that pass all tests successfully in accordance with world health standards and our R&D studies. We are proud to take the lead with our unique patented products.



Madlen is prepared by covering the chocolates with aluminum foil and then wrapping them in papers on which your logo is printed. Labeled Madlen chocolate foil, on the papers to be wrapped on the chocolates, logos, slogans, photographs, etc. items such as It successfully reflects the brand image on the shelves with our special sizes and designs for your company.


  • It can be produced in size and design specific to your company.
  • It is a product that provides high machine performance.
  • Printed, lacquered and embossed options are available.
  • It has

  • Heat sealability, matt and glossy production features.
  • It offers printing and lacquering on both sides.
  • Special alloy There are foil options.


Candy Paper Prices

Due to the constantly changing economic conditions both in the world and in our country, and the fact that costs such as raw materials, labor and energy are very variable, sugar paper prices take their place on a variable graphic like all our other products, and we regret that we cannot offer a fixed price for this reason.

You should know that we always try to offer the best quality candy paper packaging and other products to the market at the lowest price.

Also, you should know that the prices of sugar paper vary according to the type of product to be used, the quality and quantity of the product.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. For both your standard and special products, our company can offer alternative sugar paper products and produce them in its own facility.